Build your Confidence & Strength
You don't need any special equipment for our workouts, just your beautiful body!
Check our FAQ's for recommended equipment
There is even stuff around the house you can use!
The Challenge runs from Monday, January 10th - Sunday, February 20th, 2022
Registration closes Sunday, January 9th @ 11:55pm EST!

Any Fitness Level

We design each class with modifications for every fitness level and every body size.  We're not about leaving anyone out!

What's Included?

It's important to make this as easy as possible for you and we are guiding you each week. 

  • Weekly emails with guided workouts, check ins & self love coaching videos
  • Weekly live class - Mondays @ 6pm EST with Sarah
  • Prep Video to get you started
  • Access to over 300 workouts and workshops on demand 
  • So much more!

Your Own Cheer Squad

See how amazing you are through the eyes of our team.  We'll help you navigate your Journey to Self Love and walk with you as you build your confidence and strength.   Plus you get access to our private Facebook Community!

Let's Journey Together!

Get moving from the comfort of your own home, led by a body that looks like yours and trainers who know how a plus size body moves while working out.

We'll help you as you embark or continue on your Fitness & Self Love Journey.

All In
6 Week Challenge- January 10-February 20, 2022
for all 6 weeks
-Weekly Live Class (Mondays @6pm EST) with Sarah
-Access to over 300 Workouts & Workshops On Demand
-Weekly guided Workouts and Check in's
-Beginner workshop to get you ready 

-Weekly Self Love & Confidence Coaching
-Prep Video to help you get started

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What's Included
Live Classes

Our Live Classes are live with a trainer and your community - that means you can interact with us and each other.
We start each week together with a live class on Mondays @ 6pm EST

  Modifications are provided for all exercises before we even start - allowing all fitness levels to join in!

We also have time to chat before class and after class! It's an interactive experience and a great way to start the week with some inspo from your coach- Sarah!

On Demand Library

Can't make live classes, or don't prefer to?  We got you!  Unlimited access to On Demand Library!  Do classes in the safety and comfort of your own home anytime.

Support for Your Success

Get trained by a body that looks like yours and trainers who know how a plus size body moves while working out.  We'll help you as you embark or continue on your Fitness and Self Love Journey.  You'll get extra resources to help you on your Journey to Self Love.

You'll also receive

Prep 101 

  • What to expect & how to prepare
  • How to develop your new fitness routine and take the fear out of fitness
  • How to meal prep and fuel your body 
  • Form 101 - learn all the basics you will need over the next 6 weeks (modifications included)
  • And so much more!

Self Love & Confidence Coaching

Sarah walks you through the very steps she took to build her confidence & strength to help you unleash your inner Wonder Woman that goes hand in hand with your fitness program. Each week you will receive a coaching video based on her trademarked 12 pillars of self love and confidence

Why Join our Community?
Join a community of women - where you feel like you belong.  No more feeling like you are the only one like you in fitness classes!
Choose your Journey
Follow our picks of the week for your workouts or choose from over 300 classes!
Workout Anytime
Having On Demand Classes means you get to find what the perfect time for you to work out is - right from the safety & comfort of your own home!
Build your Confidence & Strength
Want to feel confident as you move your body and also in your every day life?  That is what you will learn - how to be confident and embrace the skin you are in!
During your challenge you have unlimited access to our entire membership site - this includes all content, videos and coaching calls!
Classes offered include strength, cardio and yoga with modifications in every class. Classes are also fresh and fun - so you won't be doing the same workout over and over -unless you love one from our On Demand Library of course!

Our Virtual Classes

We've got lots of options and variety for you to help you

build your confidence & strength

Admirable Arms

Beautiful  Bootyful

Fearlessly Full Bodied You

Our Admirable Arms class is all about building strength in those Admirable Arms of yours! It's all about strength in this class.

Class Focus: Strength

This fun class is all about the lower half of your body - legs & booty.  We'll work on getting your legs and bum strong!

Class Focus: Strength

Have no fear for our Fearlessly Full Bodied You.  This is another strength based class where we focus on strength for your whole body.

Class Focus: Strength

Sweat Sesh

Yoga with Brigid

Core, Confidence & Cardio

Gone are the days of boring cardio!  Our Sweat Sesh is a fun way to sweat it out and get that heart rate up!

Class Focus: Cardio

Restoration is an important part of any fitness journey!  Our Yoga classes are a great way to relax, stress and connect with your beautiful body!

Class Focus: Restoration

Let's flex those confidence muscles!  A perfect balance of strengthening the center of your body and moving it with confidence!

Class Focus: Cardio & Core Strength

Cardio Boxing

Boxing is such a fun way to get a full body cardio workout in!  Let's punch and kick out some stress together!

Class Focus: Cardio

Quick & Dirty Full Body 

Sometimes we just don't have a lot of time to get some movement in, or maybe you are just starting out and want to do a shorter workout.  This 30 minute Full Body Class will get that blood flowing, heart pumping and sweat dripping!

Class Focus: Strength (and some cardio)


These are perfect for when you don't have a full hour.  Each class is about 30 minutes.  Let's get a good sweat on together!  You will see these throughout the week and each class will specify the focus.

Class Focus: Strength

Ready to Get Get Strong & Confident Together?
As Seen On

So what are our virtual classes like anyways?

Here's a 30 minute example class! Enjoy!

Let's move our beautiful bodies together!

What our Community is Saying

"I can't recommend Fitness by Sarah Taylor ENOUGH!!

Never have I been able to get a killer workout (I like to workout hard) with a trainer who understands my body and designs workouts with the plus size body in mind. more raising my hand every 5 minutes asking for a modification and explaining why theses thick thighs can't do what everyone in the class is doing."

"Sarah and her team caters to all shapes and sizes, all fitness levels, beginners, those who want to rock hard or take it slow...and ALL WOMEN are welcome!"

"Since being apart of the Community at Fitness By Sarah Taylor (I joined in 2018) I have learned to love myself a lot more and I hold myself much different than I used to.  I walk with my head up high and my posture has improved because I'm not trying to disappear so no one sees me.

I am proud of what my body can do and I'm happy that I can show other women of all sizes that with consistency you can work up to doing more than you ever thought you would be able to.  I would say that all of this has helped me to be more confident not only while working out but in life and work."

To read more of Nadine's story - check out her feature on our blog HERE

It's a tough process and change is scary...BUT it's so worth it.  Be kind to yourself and recognize that it's a journey and it's not going to happen over night. Having the support of the community has made it so much easier to navigate.
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You won't want to miss it!
"I have learned a lot about what my body is capable of by being part of this community.  Seeing others set goals and receiving encouragement for your own goals without the intention of weight loss is a game changer. Being surrounded by women who understand this and are on the same path is so special"

Something that I have learned is that self-love requires ongoing work, there is no final destination or level of self-love.  It's a process and it does get easier. One of the most significant factors is having a community of caring, generous and funny women that I have at Fitness By Sarah Taylor.  When you surround yourself with supportive people who generally share in the excitement of your successes, it provides space for you to see your own value and self worth. 

To read more of Kerry's story, check out her Self Love Story HERE on our blog

Join our Community TODAY

We can't wait to see you .... on the other side of the screen!


"This new experience is changing my life!  I feel mentally and physically stronger everyday, clear and focused.  Thank you for all that you do - for the commitment you have with all of us and your support.  It means so much!"


"Thank you for making this journey available virtually.  I'm not a big sharer, and never have my camera on during classes but I feel like I am a part of something.  I'm so appreciate the space created."


"I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping us all active during this weird and crazy time.  I really appreciate the virtual classes so much.  I haven't been able to join live because of my schedule but I have done all of the classes on demand and it's been so nice to sweat, see everyones beautiful faces and to still feel part of the community even though we are virtual."


THANK YOU! You and your trainers are making our lives SO much better.  Working out with my mom during this time to your classes has also been a highlight and such a safe space for us both.  MEGA THANKS!


"I appreciate this community so much and actually look forward to spending an hour working out almost everyday of the week when they're with you and your team (even virtually!) Thanks for creating this community!"

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Join our Community TODAY

We can't wait to see you .... on the other side of the screen!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get support?
If you are having any technical issues, please email us at: or submit a question on our contact form HERE.  We will get back to you in 1-2 business days.
How can I watch live or on demand classes?

You'll have lots of options.  You can watch on your computer/laptop, your smartphone and you can even stream to your TV if you have Apple TV or Chrome Cast.  You can also connect your computer to your tv with an HDMI cable.

Am I locked into a contract?

No. Our challenges are a 1 time charge and you will not be auto renewed like a membership.  However, if you do decide to join our membership after the challenge, memberships auto renew each month but you can cancel at anytime.  Note: You must cancel 10 days prior to a payment coming out.

What are classes actually like?

Each class is pretty unique (we like to keep it fresh) but we follow a similar format for all our strength and cardio classes.  Classes are about an hour and we start with a warm up, get into our workout (we always show you what we are doing for each circuit and we provide modifications before we even start.  And then we stretch together.  Those who want to chat before class or after class are welcome to and we are here for additional support if you need it.

What Kind of Equipment do I need?
You don't need equipment for classes but we definitely do recommend having a few things.  Click HERE for a list of recommendations - that you can purchase and even things you may have laying around at home.
What if I can't make it to the live class?
No problem!  That's why we have our On Demand Library for you!  This way you always have access to new workouts - whether live or on demand!
Do I have to turn my camera on for the live calls?
No.  That choice is up to you!  You also have the opportunity to chat with our community before and after classes and ask for additional support if you need it. 
What if I haven't worked out in a while or ever?
We got you!  We know what it is like starting a new fitness journey.  It can be intimidating and scary but we've worked hard to think of how to make this a smooth transition.  And because we provide modifications for all workouts (and take requests if you need additional ones), it means that beginners through to advanced can enjoy our workouts!

Join our Community TODAY

We can't wait to see you .... on the other side of the screen!

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