Feel Intimidated about Fitness Classes?
Don't feel like you have a lot of time?
Not even sure where to start?
I gotchu!
Join me for 7 days, for 7 Minutes/day for $7!
Limited time only!
This won't take long ...
You have 7 minutes don't ya?
It will be worth it!
You can do this anwhere!
Day 1 - Mobility & Core
We are going to start this challenge by easing you into movement so we are going to start with some foundational movements and get you ready to start moving over the next 7 days.  I don't know about you but in the past when I've started working out with a trainer or doing a class I couldn't even walk after day 1 - and that is not the point of this challenge.  We want to focus on gentle movement and integrating it into your life. 
Day 2 - Upper Body Strength
In this class we'll teach you some of the basic upper body strength exercises we do in our live and on demand classes - we call that class Admirable Arms cause girl ....you need to be admiring and showing love to those babies!
Day 3 - Core
Core is something that a lot of people often over look because all we ever hear about it is about those infamous 6 pack abs - well your core is the centre of the body and provides strength and protection through your whole body.  In our Live and On Demand classes we do a little bit of core in every class because quite frankly most people skip it.  We also modify these exercises as some of us have belly's and boobs that get in the way. 
Day 4 - Lower Body Strength
This used to be my most dreaded workout  - squats and lunges oh my!  They can seem intimidating but today I'll break them down for you and show you a bunch of ways you can do them - so wherever you are at in your fitness journey you'll be able to do them with confidence and maybe even fall in love with leg day like me! 

Day 5 - Mobility & Stretching
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Day 6 - Cardio
Long gone are the days of just being on a treadmill - let's have fun with our cardio.  And not to worry - we've got modifications which include no impact options! And, hey, you can handle 7 minutes right - and yes, of course, you'll have rest times too!


Day 7 - Full Body Strength 
Full Body classes are some of our community's favourites.  We get to work all our muscles and put some moves together.  And just like the other classes I will show you modifications and you will finish this workout feeling strong and confident!
Limited time only!

"I have learned a lot about what my body is capable of by being part of this community.  Seeing others set goals and receiving encouragement for your own goals without the intention of weight loss is a game changer. Being surrounded by women who understand this and are on the same path is so special"

Something that I have learned is that self-love requires ongoing work, there is no final destination or level of self-love.  It's a process and it does get easier. One of the most significant factors is having a community of caring, generous and funny women that I have at Fitness By Sarah Taylor.  When you surround yourself with supportive people who generally share in the excitement of your successes, it provides space for you to see your own value and self worth. 


Limited time only!
You are new to Fitness
If you are new to fitness this is perfect for you.  You will learn most of our basic exercises that we use in our live and on demand classes.  You'll get to learn how to do everything while getting in a workout.  
You are getting back to fitness
Let's be honest - this year has been hard and a lot of us have not been very active.  This is a gentle way to get that beautiful body moving again and getting back into your fitness groove!
You are busy and don't have much time to spare
Do you have 7 minutes at some point in your day?  Well, this is perfect for you.  And hey - if you have more than 7 minutes you can repeat the videos and do a them a couple times if you wish. 
You are intimidated or nervous about working out
Well, that's the exact reason I created my programs and this challenge.  I know what it's like to think - I want to try but don't know if I can do it.  Well let me tell you - you can.  I did and I will be there to hold your hand and teach you how to exercise and we'll take the intimidation right out of it. 
You Just want to move but don't know where to start
Sometimes its not a matter of desire, it's just not sure what to do.  Let me guide you and let's get that workout in and get you feelin amazing!
No more boring at home workouts!
Let's do this!
Limited time only!
What equipment do I need?
Almost all of the workouts you just need your beautiful body, a place to move (the size of a yoga mat) and optional dumbbells.  If you don't have any weights HERE is a list of items you can use from around your house - so don't let that be a reason not to do this!
Will there be modifications?
YES YES YES! This is one of the things that makes us different.  We provide modifications and don't associate any value to which option you choose from - we are a shame free environment :)
How is this different from your regular classes?
For starters, these are only 7 minutes of exercise - truly.  We do 7 exercises each workout with a rest in between and I explain how to do each exercise with modifications (that part is the same as classes).  These are also pre-recorded and not live. 
What if I haven't worked out in a while or ever?
We got you!  We know what it is like starting a new fitness journey.  It can be intimidating and scary but we've worked hard to think of how to make this a smooth transition.  And because we provide modifications for all workouts (and take requests if you need additional ones), it means that beginners through to advanced can enjoy our workouts!
What if I'm super nervous??????
It's ok!  I totally get it.  And it's why I created this.  Here's the thing.  We grow outside of our comfort zones, not in them.  If you don't take the steps towards changes you desire, how will you change?  So let's start small and we'll build you confidence and strength in and out of the gym - together!  You got this!
So, are you ready?

We got this - together.  You are not alone!  I will be with you every step of the way!

Copyright Fitness By Sarah Taylor